Friday, January 4, 2013

Monarch Butterfly - Morelia

This are some of the views that you can find if you go to the "El Rosario" Santuary, in Morelia Mexico.
It was a really nice experience. From where I was living it is about 600Km, and I remember that I was kind of  "complaining" about that we should have stayed overnight to sleep closer to the Santuary. We spend the night at Morelia that it is 300Km away but it was, still a 5hour drive.

The next day, we drove really early to be there as early in the morning as possible. The moment we reach this place, I was just Amazed!!! every single Kilometer that we drove. and every single penny that we spend on this trip was worth 1000x times.


I was expecting to see a couple of Thousands, however, I am not exagerating by saying we saw a couple of millions.

Really, there are millions of butterflies flying around and lying on the trees. This is something that I would really recommend to everyone who stays in Morelia.

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