Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well This time for some reason( maybe I was not tired enough ) I woke up really early so I started to play with the cammera before sunrise and I was able to catch the moment when the sun was waking up.

This is the view from the window of my home. Very quiet early in the morning...

Nansenweg Sud (1494 x 969)

As the matter of fact, it is quiet every time.

Friday, December 3, 2010

One more time from the office

This time is a little bit different, just 90 deegrees to the left hahaha.
This is the view of south. if this building is not infront I would be able to see the airport, :-P

I also like airplanes. I am not a pilot but I know one... a good one :-)
Maybe I will try to make some airplane shoots.

Zettachring 8 S (1568 x 1045)

anyway... Temperature is droping we are now at -10° so maybe some snow pictures will follow.

Sorry I missed yesterday.

Well I Know. I missed yesterday, but i did my homework :-)
I just dont have time to post it. I hope I dont make lots of excuses from now on, but well sometimes work get messy. and more if you are 3 days away of going into vacations and you need to deliver 22 boards. But since I send that much time in the office in this couple of days I am posting the view of my office.

Zettachring 8 O (1563 x 1042)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nice Girl

Hello Everybody!
This time I am going to start posting my First Picture.
I am going to put the pictures in Flickr and then somehow I can attach them here. Why am I doing this. well.. I dont exactly know..
I think I can do it also directly here but some friend of mine suggested me Flickr to mannage the pictures etc.. it seems that in that case I can see them all together and tag them and.. well. I will also start learning how to use that thing.

a Little Nice Girl I meet at Starbucks

As soon as I bought the Cammera I went to Starbucks to open it, and read manual and.. suddently I meet this nice girl. So I asked her if I might take her a picture to initiate the cammera with a nice image.
She kindly reply "Yes of course".
So, lets say this is the first picture ever taken with the new cammera. I hope this inspires the cammera to take nice pictures from now on. ( or to inspirate the Photographer behind it)

a Little Nice Girl I meet at Starbucks

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Beginning

I just know what it is, but I have never done it. There are a couple of blogs from some friends that I have read but I dont really know if they know I read them from time to time.
How does this exactly works... I also dont know. If there is someone out there who wants to read it. Wellcome. if not.. well I will have fun Any way.

What is the purpose of this Blog 365 Pictures a Year...
"I think I am suposed to write this somewhere in the description of the blog but... I am not used to this tool so I might do it later in the appropiate place."

I recently bought a Cammera with the aimg to learn Photography. So a friend of mine. Suggested me to make an Habit of Posting somewhere 1 Picture every day for a whole year. in oder to keep track of what am I doing. and then review them to have feedback and improve the skills.

I find the concept interesting and I would like to guive it a try. So..
I am going to post this first Post. Whatever that means... and go out to take some pictures I will come back and try to upload one.

I will appreciate any comments and suggestions for the blog, or feedback on the pictures. I know there is a lot of people out there who might have much more expertise in Photography or Blogging :-)