Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Hydroplane

Please take your time and compare this post with THIS other one of an HYDROPLANE. Try to find the diferences, at the first sight they look alike isnt it?

san francisco-13-2.jpg

Try to look closer....


Pay attention to the details...



Ok I will tell you the difference...  The previous post is an actual plane, full-size, However this one is a Remote-Controlled airplane. and its actual size is about 1:25 (rough guess)  This one has a wingspan (size from one edge of the wing to the opposite edge)  of 50cms.

This is the kind of "magic"  that the movies do :-P

Friday, February 1, 2013


Natural or Artificial?  Can someone tell me what do you think about this waterfall?

san francisco-5-2.jpg

I found it in the middle of a park, which I think is not a natural park but one of those huge parks in the middle of the city.  Or is the Central Park from NY natural?  Well I dont thinkso, However this is not NY.

Maybe someone might guess where it is?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Full Moon

What I like about this picture (Besides the great full moon) is that I got somehow the result that I was looking for.

San Francisco-279.jpg 

The challenge was the following:
 I had no tripod and it was really bright moon.

Having a bright light source might be good but not this time because it was blowing away the craters and the detail on it. it was easily white saturated.  Therefore what I did was to close the aperture to its minimum.  f/38.  And being a far away object I had the focal lenght to its maximum 200mm.

This kind of settings would make a very dark image, or a large exposure time would be needed right? but well,, having no tripod how would I be able to mantain the camera still?

Less focal lenght would give me a smaller moon.
more aperture would overexpose the moon loosing the detail
and a large exposure time would have make a blurry picture ( my hands are not as still as a tripod)

This is the first time that I solve an issue by just boosting the ISO to a high value 3200.
I used the exposure at 1/250 (even if I need to use something like 1/400) because of my focal lenght.

The result was a "dark" picture and with lots of noise, but sharp because of the aperture and exposure time.
What I did was just tweeking it a little bit with the software to gain some brighness on the moon, and filtering the noise due to the high ISO.

The result is shown above.

What do you think? What do you think about digitally enchansing the pictures to solve issues like this?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ghirardelli Chocolate

For those Chocolate lovers, a visit to the Ghirardelli chocolate fabric and shop would be a nice stop for a coffee and view of the bay.

I am not a chocolate lover but still I need to admit that it was a very good one.

San Francisco-232.jpg

Monday, January 28, 2013

Candles in the Street

Just walking downtown I found some candles. The picture was taken a couple of blocks away from the market. It was sort of weird to find this just in this street and just a few of them. I am wondering if they were used before on the streets and these are the only one left?

Anyway they have some sort of yellow light, which can not be seen during the day. I would suggest to turn this off to save some power dont you think?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

San Francisco

It is now time to make a change of City, from now on I will be showing some pictures from San Francisco, California.

One of the city icons would be the cable car, alcatraz island (prision island) and the Golden Gate which I will show later on.

San Francisco-238.jpg

And yes.. the streets are very steep!!