Wednesday, January 2, 2013

El Pomar Tradition

Every year, since about (unknown) number of years. Me and my friends get together to celebrate friendship. We have had several discussions on when does this tradition started. some of them say about 15years ago some of them say 20 or 22. but the only thing tha I am sure is that it was loooong time ago. We are all about early 30ies. Therefore 20 years is like 2/3rds of our lives.


This tradition started once that we had a get together and we requested to bring some "sidra". Somehow.. everyone brought the same bottle... maybe it was a destiny sing, or maybe it is just that it was the cheapest one on the store... no one remembers. but ever since... we get together and it is a MUST to bring this bottle.
It is called "EL POMAR" and therefore that is the name of our friendship tradition.

I must say that now a days, it is not the cheapes, and sometimes the hardest to find.. maybe because it is neither famous and expensive nor cheap and unknown. it is just in the middle and it might be that sores does not buy for some years this type of bottle. but so far we have managed to find at least 12 (one for each + some spare).

And well as you can immagine, it is a MUST that every one needs to drinks its own bottle. ( completely ).
This sidra is soft so it is no problem to drink it in an hour and not being drunk or anything. I really appreciate this tradicion and because I am not living in my home town anymore since 7 years ago I must confess that I have missed at least 3 of them.. However it has allways been at least 3 on the celebration(on rough times). As long as there is at least two  man standing the tradition will not die. and I will do my best to be o every single one. no matter where It is going to happen next.

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