Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flaming Moe

 No, this is not a Flaming Moe. In fact I even forgot the name of this beverage.
For those who saw the previous post from "EL POMAR"... No... It is also not how the sidra looks like. It is just a beverage that we found on our little trip to the beach.. In fact when I order it. I asked the waiter...
"What is that THING that is being served over that table..... Well I want one as well"
It is sort of coffe with a liquour what was amazing of it. is not how it looks like but the Show they make for serving it.

Vallarta con Araceli-177.jpg

Pictures of the show. are not really good. It was hard to catch the flaming liquour while jumping in the air from one cup to the other. I will need to practice a litte bit more on those kind of environments, (Flames, movement, dark restaurant)


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