Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vampire Nightmare

Finally Saturday. Today I went to the city centre and made a photo-walk, (by my self) I think I might try to organize some day one with more people. I just need to find people From stuttgart who likes photography.
One interesting place was the Market that happens only on some Saturdays and since this week it was about Vegetables I must say I found many of them, Lots of colours and different types of fruits and vegetables.
I made several pictures, and then I decided to post the one that in my opinion was somehow different.
Tomatoes are Red, Onions are White. almost everything has its own colour. and for me Garlic was always white... or somehow yellow. Now I know there is also violet.
Which is your favourite Vegetable?  If you are a vampire... I am sure this will definitely not be it.
Canon EOS 500D 24mm   f/6.7  1/125  ISO 100

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