Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cabbage Patch

On the moning I went to LIDL to buy some Vegetables to be able to take a picture for today. I was amazed by the texture of this weird Lettuce ( which I have never eaten before ) It is amazing what you can find in the super market, when you look for a specific thing instead of going like robot to buy what you have in mind.

I dont know its name, at the supermarket it said "Chineese Lettuce" but I am not sure. All the day I was thinking on what kind of picture I wanted for today. I must say I did lots of shots on this one. But At the end... while surfing on the web... I found this guys and remember them..  to tell the truth I allways hate Cabbage Patch.... But this time I found it funny enough to try to reproduce one of them.

I hope that I can steal one smile or laugh... maybe two...    This little guy sole from me many!!

Canon EOS 500D  50mm  f/4.5   1/60  ISO 1600

Any recipies on how to cook this Guy... Are welcomed!!!


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