Monday, January 17, 2011


This week the pictures topic will be "Macro Photography".

For this mean I was doing some research on how to do this kind of pictures, and since I am not in possesion of a "macro - lens" I found the trick that by reverting the lens the focal length can be minimized obtaining this effect. I hope I can improve them during the week.

Canon EOS 500D 1/4 ISO 100
Focal lenght and Aperture unknown!


  1. Wow! Not too bad to be the first one.


  2. Do your have to deattach the lens, turn it around and hold it in front of the camera while you take the picture? How do you attach it?

  3. That is exactly what I did.
    there are different ways to attach it, going from "Pringles tubes + Tape" up to special holders that you can buy on ebay. but none of this options would give me results for This week.

    My set up was:
    Place the camera on a desk.
    Find something that would hold the lens in the exact same height(Without detaching)
    Detach and turn the lens. (it will be at the same height therefore even if it is not attached it will work)
    Since I cant move the cammera nor the lens. I play with the position of the object to find its focus.
    Take the picture with 2 seconds delay after pressing the shutter. ( to avoid any movement )