Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today I was making some tests on the different apertures, focus length and depth of field. Because the lens is detached from the body of the cammera it shows 00mm however I write down the numbers I was using. At last I had 20 different pictures of the same thing just changing its magnification rate. I must say it was an interesant experiment, but at the end I found out that the background also was playing a role on the exposition results of the picture. so This "last" picture I did it with a black background and I put more attention on its composition and colours than in getting maximum magnification.

Canon EOS 500D ISO 200 0.5"
Reversed Lens on 35mm
Distance 8cms
size of conch less than 1 Inch.


  1. Conch... today I learned a new word...

    This picture is really interesting.

    Keep it on!

  2. I must admit I need some help on google to find out the translation. I am sure you thought it was wrong isn't it?