Sunday, January 23, 2011

How I did Macro

The picture of today is not exactly a Macro photography however it is regarding Macro Thema of the week. Some people was asking me how did I achieve to take them that close, or if I use specific lens for it. Therefore I decided to take a picture of my Macro Set-Up.

If some one is thinking that I am crazy because there are not so many posts in my blog asking that, well I must say that I have some followers that for a "unknown" reason, prefer to coment on the pictures via Facebook or email. So That's how I receive the questions about how to do it.


I posted in a previous day, that it was achieved by reverting the lens.
The trick for me was to find something to put below the lens that holds it in the same height that it would be if the lens was attached to the body.
In my case I found out that 16 Poker Cards, gave me this height. You can see them on the picture. And since the body and the lens are allready fixed. I was moving the object to find its focus.
On the bottom I have a white paper where I was writing down the distance where I need to put the object depending on the lens configuration I tried it with 18mm 35mm and 55mm.
If you have been looking the previous posts you will also find on the top the objects that were photographed on previous days.

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