Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tired Reading

How do you see when you try to read... and after a while you are feeling tired?
sometimes the letters start to move around, some are jumping and some others just dont stay in place. at last the eyes start closing and then you jump and wake up with the sound of the book fallin of into the floor. Or does this happens only to me?

Canon EOS 500D 0.7" f/11.0 22mm ISO 200

This picture was achieved by having a relatively long exposure 0.7" while not using a tripod. so the movement of the letters is generated by the pulse of the hand not being able to mantain it stable. I must say I tried several times untill I got that they move... but not that much... I did not wanted them to be totally blurry but instead doubled and moved. just as I see them when I am reading tired.


  1. I like the lighting in this picture. It seems that you used directed light pointed into the book as it quickly fades in the top and bottom. I like double letters.

  2. I was trying to make them double or triple, I am glad I can make it and some one noticed it.
    The Fading to black on top and bottom is to make it look like if you are closing your eyes.