Monday, January 14, 2013

Lovers Beach

There are several ways to get here, however my favorite so far is by walkint to it. It is located at the most south part of the Baja California PenĂ­nsula,  Souther from the "Pelicans Bay" shown in the previous post.

Los Cabos-94.jpg

This sort of "hidden Beach" is beautiful, however it can be reached via some water taxis departing from Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico. Which makes it accesible to many turists. (Bad thing) 

But there is allways a way to visit it when it is alone. Going after 5pm, when everyone is gone and go there via the hidden walking trail. So that you can be there all by your own. The view shown above is the Pacific Ocean, by looking in the shown direction and if you are able to swim ( or sail ) about 8,000Km you will reach Hawaii. 

It is a really nice plae to dive, because there are lots of big animals, such as White Sharks and Whales. Unfortunately I was not there to dive. but it is definitely on the bucket list of places where I would like to dive.

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