Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last Rock of Baja California Sur

On the way back to San Lucas, while traveling from the Pacific Ocean, to the Mar de Cortéz, there is a turning point to go arround the península. This is where the rock shown below is located.

This is also the southest part of Baja California, and while this is the last stone at the end of the Península, it seems to be habitated. A couple of Pelicans are living there and have a nice view of the ocean.

On the Right part of the stone (Island) you can see the Pacific Ocean, while on the left it is the Mar de Cortez.
Los Cabos-64.jpg

It seems that this is also a nice place to go diving, ( I did not dive this time tough! :-(  ). But it is easy to see big animals, such as whales and sharks even Whalesharks. I think I might plan another trip to "Baja" just to come diving at this wondeful places who are left unexplored (by me).

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