Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This was the first time I was going to try a Picture while the Boat was moving.

I found a little window that would allow me to take them from the room, without any danger of me(or the cammera) to fall down or get wet.

I put the 300mm lens to take a shot of a ship that was far away. and while on a hurry. I did not notice that I left it in M ( manual ) with the previous configuration of the night before. So I just point to my far away objective and shoot.

What a suprise when I saw what I capture.... In that exact moment another ship was traveling in the oposite direction and cover most of my view. But it generated another nice picture just by coincidence.

I like the effect on how many things just blow away as oversaturated but still looks nice. and also take a look on the effect on the bottom which looks like a white gradient. Even if someone might think this picture was digitally modificated... believeme it was not. and this is just as it came out of the cammera.


And I really like this one.But unfortunately I can not take any credit for it... It was a coincidence :-)

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