Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Revealing Secrets

I have heard that a Magician never reveals its Secrets...
Well I am no Magician so I think there is no problem on reveal some of mines.  I have been asked a couple of times about some pictures. and even once I asked you if you can guess what was it. Do you remember? Well.. That Post Was called SUPER NOVA. and here is the Link to it if you want to review it.

This time it is time to explain what it is.
It is nothing more than a Christmas light decoration holding from the ceiling of a shopping mall. looking from below. Sometimes long exposure light tricks are done by a static camera and a moving iluminated object. Some other times, the object is static and the cammera is moving. BUT.. what if ether the cammera AND the object are both static?....well  I tried moving the zoom.  :-P and.. voila.... a Star exploded and generate a SuperNova :-P  I hope you liked it.


This second one is regarding the last post of "PARKING" While trying to explain the angle and where I took it, I decided to post it.. I think it is easier that way.  The Previous picture was not converted to Black and White by the way. In this one you can see that the Garage is allready gray. :-P

I hope this helps for those who asked about it. I am glad to receive questions and coments about the pictures. Thanks Alot to you all :-)

See you Tomorrow.

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  1. Wow! I would have never guessed that! Talk about creative. (: I do love looking at your photo's!