Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fire and Water

Who said that Fire and water can not get along well? I found a really interesting fountain, that proves the contrary. It gave a really nice atmosphere to the restaurant and I would like to have one like that at home, but I did not know exactly how they manage to do it.

 Canon EOS 500D 25mm  f/5.6  0.3s  ISO 400  Flash (-2)
To take this picture was not easy task.
The problem was the following:  The room was mainly dark, but light changes abruptly, repeteadely and unexpectedly according to the current flame. (size, colour etc).

Av to the max f/5.6 since DOF will not play a role on this picture.
First I tried it with Tv. But for lower values it was too dark to see the fountain and background, and for higher exposure times depending on the flame size the result was overexposed. 
Then I tried it with Flash, but while the Flash was freezing the water and showing the fountain and background. it was completely blowing away the flame.
Then I remembered that Flash power can also be modified. (I knew that it was possible but never had the need to use it) So I set it to the lowest value -2.
Finally I take the shot with the minimum Flash power(to see the fountain and freeze the water) and a slightly higher time (1/3) exposure that alows me to see (or imprint) the flame on the picture after the flash light is off.

I think i would be able to get better results with a tripod (Donations Welcomed :-P )

I hope you like it  :-P


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  2. Wow, this is actually a lovely photo! I love the contrast in colours also!