Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back Home

After a couple of days traveling what I would call: "The craziest trip we'd ever made" We are back home.
I will start posting the missing pictures on the morning. .... "Home Sweet Home"

Flying away

Any ideas where were we?

@Saz: It was not Egypt. Any other guess?


  1. Definitely Middle East :)
    Maybe Tunisia?

  2. Dammit, I was wrong! D:

    Urm.. What about Africa? (random guesses by the way. Haha)

  3. I am also thinking Tunisia.. I bet you took tons of great pictures home with you:)

  4. it's morroco
    and the waterfall is ouzoud

  5. I was doubting between Morroco & Tunisia ...

  6. And the winner is: mia_oprisan
    It is actually morocco and the waterfall is ouzoud.
    Wow. I never think someone was going to guess it and even that acurate.
    Where are you from mia? have you been there? or how did you knew? :-P

  7. it's very hard to post on your blog
    i'm trying since thursday
    i have a daughter married in morroco
    we took a two weeks trip last summer and our son-in law showed us the most interesting places in morroco
    thank's god they moved in paris two month ago