Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stuttgart 21 Underneath

For those who are not familiar with this controversial project, I will try to explain it briefly.
Stuttgart 21 is an urban development transport project. It consists of the replacement of the tracks and platforms of the city's main railway station, with new infrastructure mainly located underneath.

As I see it, a lot of old and unused tracks will be removed and the new space will be re-utilized. A big proportion will be added to the park surrounding the train station, and some other part will be sold for new developments. The new park will be much bigger and will hold much more trees and green areas, than the couple of trees that need to be removed. I have been in places, where unfortunately its government does not invest in new infrastructure and has been leading to a lot of problems that now are hardly to repair.  I am glad to see that a city is investing in its own urban development which will bring progress in the future to the complete region.
(New infrastructure -> development  -> progress -> Future)  = Evolution


Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like that, and its development has been highly controversial. I think that this topic will steer the next elections, and maybe then we will know if the people against it are really not the minority(as they claim to be). 
I have seen many people protesting against it, however there are a lot of people who are in favour. The difference I think is that for example me. I do have better things to do instead of going to manifestations, generating un-necesary trafic jams, camping on the park and outside the train station, tyeing my selft to trees and filling the city with stickers pasted everywhere.(Like those on the picture). In my personal opinion, this kind of behaviour is not only not helping their cause, but it is even disturbing every one else.

And the thing with the stickers... well. wouldn't it be some kind of vandalism? two out of three signs has at least one sticker on it.  If you are trying to make the government save some bucks, why don't trying to avoid this conduct? .. how much would it cost to remove all of them? who is going to pay for it? or even replace the damaged ones? I have even seen them everywhere. At least Graffiti is always different and sometimes it can be Art... but the same sticker over and over again... it is just not right!

By the way.... Did you like the picture?


  1. I think they are converting a beautiful efficient major city train station, not unlike those of Paris and London, into a provincial station like Esslingen with eight tracks or Plochingen, which would even be larger than Stuttgart, with 10 tracks. greetings h.f.

  2. I like the clouds in the picture, everything else reminds me of how much I hate this controversy...

  3. I think you should use the "Riata Sticker" instead.

  4. Hey Anonymous_2:
    There is no point on being anonymous if you use a so local Joke. But I am glad to see you around.
    Greeting Bro.