Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeping on Trees

I am sorry if you are expecting to see some birds, squirrels, or any other animal that usually lives on the top of the trees. But this time I found something diferent.

Regarding the controversy of the modernization of the mainstation from Stuttgart, (Stuttgart 21), I can understand that some people think different than others, and every one can have its own opinion about it. But I think that  to build a camp, not only on the park, but also ON trees, is some how extreme, pointless and maybe some how foolish. I leave it to your own interpretation. Take a look.

Fools on Trees
Canon 500D 18mm  f/13  1/30  ISO 100

P.S. By the way in case you havent guessed it allready, the topic of the week is "Fools"


  1. What's your problem? The park and the trees won't be around shortly, if it goes according to those who think an eight track semi-submerged train station is worthy of the capital of Baden-Württemberg.

  2. In fact my problem is that the train station of the capital of Baden-Württemberg, is worth much more than an old style "kopf-bahnhof".

    And "That exactly" tree might not be there, but maybe you are forgeting the area that is unused at the moment, that will be added to the current park. Which is in fact MUCH LARGER than the one that needs to be used for the renovation of the train station.
    Which will result as a Park-Extension "Parker-erweiterung"