Monday, February 14, 2011

Magic Bean

This little (o not so little) plant, was originally a Magic Bean, From those that are sold on aluminium cans. When they grow on the first leaves they have some inscription. This was saying "I Love you"
The Romantic part of it is that I received this as a gift 5 years ago. I received it by post and follow the instructions. Pouring some water every day to make it grow. 1 Weak later the Plant was allready there.
I must say that we (the one who gave it to me and me) were a little bit sad when I read that it would hold for just a couple of weeks. So I accepted the challenge of making it grow as much as I can. and try to mantain it alive as long as possible....  5 Years after it is still alive and it has been with us since then.

Our Plant
CANON EOS 500D 42mm f/4.5 1/6 ISO 1600

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