Monday, January 10, 2011

Turkish Breakfast

Good Morning.
This Week will be about "Breakfast"
It seems that Karma exist, and sometimes the universe conspires either in favour or against you. This time it was in favour. I had allready made a picture of my breakfast, but later on I got into a turkish restaurant and even if they do not usually sell Breakfast. This time they did.
Coincidence..??? hmmm maybe. Karma?... or Destiny?...

Therefore I was forced to buy one and take a picture of it.



  1. You can come to my apartment, prepare breakfast for me and i will let you take a photo from it :)

  2. Me too...

    Turkish reminds me of one of the best trips I've made.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. A very good photo - composition, colour, and interest - well done !

    Oh, and if you're serving breakfast, I'll have the door open ;-)