Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Falling Drops

Good day.
This time I was going to take the picture of the ice stalactites formed outside the kitchen window.
It was. ( still is) very cold outside -9°C. however to avoid some dirt on the window to appear on the picture, I opened the window. After the third picture (I was experimenting with the Aperture). I noticed that the heat from the house, while going out the window was enough to make them melt and start generating drops.
Therefore I change the settings to make some tests on (Tv Time Value) to try to get a clear drop on free fall.

I must admit it took me some time to be able to synchronize the shoot with the falling drop :-P

Canon EOS 500D Tv (1/1000) Av (f/5.6) 45 mm ISO 1600


  1. Thankyour Laura.
    What I like the most, is that the trees and houses on the back can be seen in the drop, inverted and sharp. :-)

  2. Que padre foto!!! justo en el momento!