Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nice Girl

Hello Everybody!
This time I am going to start posting my First Picture.
I am going to put the pictures in Flickr and then somehow I can attach them here. Why am I doing this. well.. I dont exactly know..
I think I can do it also directly here but some friend of mine suggested me Flickr to mannage the pictures etc.. it seems that in that case I can see them all together and tag them and.. well. I will also start learning how to use that thing.

a Little Nice Girl I meet at Starbucks

As soon as I bought the Cammera I went to Starbucks to open it, and read manual and.. suddently I meet this nice girl. So I asked her if I might take her a picture to initiate the cammera with a nice image.
She kindly reply "Yes of course".
So, lets say this is the first picture ever taken with the new cammera. I hope this inspires the cammera to take nice pictures from now on. ( or to inspirate the Photographer behind it)

a Little Nice Girl I meet at Starbucks

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